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Purveyor of high quality hand carved African arts and crafts rooted in uncompromising values and principles, helping people globally celebrate Kwanzaa, start new traditions, connect with African culture and heritage, and give the most unique, thoughtful, creative, inspiring, and purposeful gifts. 

Every one of our Kwanzaa products are proudly made in the USA are rarely sourced, helps give identity, purpose, and direction to people of all cultures, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds, celebrating and honoring African cultural and historical heritage, by uniting in meditation and study of African history, traditions, and Nguzo Saba, the seven principles of Kwanzaa. 

So, go ahead shop and checkout with our unique Kwanzaa products at a thrilling great value!

Join the Movement to Make December 26, Officially A Public Kwanzaa Holiday

We believe that December 26, the first day of KWANZAA, a commemorative celebration for all people living in the United States should be a national public holiday, giving everyone time to connect, celebrate, and honor African culture and heritage.

When people take time to honor and celebrate African culture and heritage, they feel more connected to it and develop an increased sense of community and respect for all people. We further hope to raise awareness that post traumatic slave syndrome is real, to inspire research dedicated to developing culture appropriate services and programs to support the mental health of African American families suffering the illness.

Mental illness affects everyone. That’s why we are taking a stand and committing that on December 26, the first day of KWANZAA we will celebrate, honor, explore, and connect with African culture and heritage, focusing on what KWANZAA means and how to be a proud African American despite the past, to create a brighter future, build and maintain a collective community with respect for all people, and that the first day of KWANZAA should be recognized as a national public holiday everywhere.

Sign and share the petition to join the movement to support Make December 26, Officially A Public KWANZAA Holiday. 

Sign Petition: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/join-the-make-december-26-a-public-kwanzaa-holiday

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