Nkisi Nkondi Figure

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Nkisi Nkondi are African figurines that provide good luck and protection from enemies and divine protection. They are also considered hunters of the keepers enemies, wrong-doers, guardian of evil or any form of socery, and mystical for attacking witches. The figure is activated by specialist "through chants, prayers and the preparation of sacred substances which are aimed at ‘curing’ physical, social or spiritual ailments." More Nkisi figures available: https://amzn.to/39zNdgR

Each Nkisi is sculpted differently each time with various objects added to the nkisi’s exterior that may include cloth strips, feathers, cowrie shells, beads, rope, mirror, and nails. As items are added to the nkisi, it becomes not only more visually complex, but also more powerful.

Email us at info@sevensymbolsofkwanzaa.com for custom sculptures.

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