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Wooden Xylophone
Wooden Xylophone
Wooden Xylophone
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Mission. Identity. Purpose. Direction.

Purveyor of high quality hand carved African arts and crafts rooted in uncompromising values and principles, helping people globally celebrate Kwanzaa, start new traditions, connect with African culture and heritage, and give the most unique, thoughtful, creative, inspiring, and purposeful gifts. 

Every one of our Kwanzaa products are proudly made in the USA are rarely sourced, helps give identity, purpose, and direction to people of all cultures, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds, celebrating and honoring African cultural and historical heritage, by uniting in meditation and study of African history, traditions, and Nguzo Saba, the seven principles of Kwanzaa. 

So, go ahead shop and checkout with our unique Kwanzaa products at a thrilling great value!


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